Compact Secondary Substation (CSS)


  • Product Line

    Product Line

  • The Advantages

    The Advantages

    • Non-walk in substations
    • (For walking s/s will be produce as your order)
    • Customer specified high voltage switch and brand (SF6, Air Insolate, GIS)
    • Customer specified Power transformer brand (oil, dry, hermetic)
    • Contains three compartments which are totally separated by ALUZINK sheets
    • IP43 for the LV&MV compartments, IP23 for transformer compartment
    • (For higher Ip will be procedure via eyes fixed on the roof)
    • Flexibility in selecting the required LV&MV equipment
    • Possibility to add one or two doors for the transformer compartment
    • Completely bolted housing
    • Double roof with air insulation
    • Power coated finish
  • Back View

    Back View

  • Technical Details 1

    Technical Details 1

    The Compact Electrical Contain Substation equipment often located in a public environment requiring meeting the highest safety standards.
  • Technical Details 2

    Technical Details 2

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